Privacy Policy

Adopting an approach to privacy

Globalfarms is committed to handling your personal information in compliance with the provisions of Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic). The Privacy Statement provides explanation in regard to the management of your personal information. The application of the statement covers all of your communication with us, whether you communicate in person, over the telephone, or online.

Personal Information defined

Personal information means information or opinion in regard to an identifiable individual the identity of whom is apparent or can be ascertained reasonably from the information or opinion.

The collection of personal information:

    Personal information may be collected when you:
  • submit a paper or form
  • write to us
  • Email
  • Telephone
    Personal information may also be collection from other people, organisations or third parties. For instance:
  • When a complaint is investigated by our officials or
  • Obtain information from another person or public database.

Collection and management of personal information:

The collected information may be stored in our database and used for all sorts of reasons. Your personal information may be collected by way of direct or indirect means. Direct collection of information means the collection of information from you directly e.g., we may obtain your information from the
complaint you make and record the details. Indirect collection of information means the collection of
information from third parties e.g., we may store your personal information about you on a database when a consumer complaint is filed against you. Your personal information may be used for a reason different than the original reason of collection e.g., undertaking investigation or enforcement action or doing research activities. The collection of personal information may include the collection of sensitive personal information e.g., checking criminal records from Victoria Police. Your consent will be taken before uncovering and storing sensitive personal information unless the sensitive information becomes part
of an investigation or enforcement action.

Third party sign-in data:

You may sign-in through Google, Apple or Facebook to obtain our services. The sign-in data may be collected and stored into our database. The information may be used for the operation and maintenance of your account with our website, and for any purpose necessary for providing appropriate services to you. If you sign-in through Google, Apple or Facebook, your data or personal information may be controlled by third parties and in such a case, you consent to the sharing of your data or personal information with respective sign-in services or third parties.

Privacy of the website:

Our home page and website can be explored without disclosing any personal information. No personal information is collection when you visit or browse our website. If you submit an email or submit a form in our website, your personal information is to be managed as per this Statement. Your email address is not added to our mailing list without authorization from your side.
Credit card details provided to complete a transaction on our web platform are not in our database. The details are securely delivered to the bank. However, a transaction number is kept in record that has no connection with your credit card.

Web statistics:

Google Analytics software may be used to code the pages of our software. A cookie is stored by the software in your browser containing a unique identifier. The software sends back information to Google. This function of the software enables
Google to track down the number of unique visitors of our website. However, no user will be identified personally by the unique identifier.
It may be possible for you to visit our website without disclosing personal information but full range of services may not be possible to be served through our website if you do not provide personal information.
If personal information of other individuals is provided to us, you should take reasonable steps to ensure that you brought the fact to that other person’s
attention. You are requested to ensure that the other persons are aware that:
Information will or may be provided to us
The types of third parties the information may be provided to The purposes for which the information may be used for
How the information can be accessed
Any relevant law in relation to the collection of the information
We may also take reasonable steps to confirm that the attention of the individuals have been brought in relation to the information that we hold in relation to them.


Cookies may be used by our website time to time.
Cookies refer to small data files that are placed on a user’s hard drive. Cookies record the aspects of a particular user’s experience of the website e.g. cookies
may be used to record the visit of a particular user to a particular section of the website. Operation of the website may be improved by cookies and the
visiting experience may be made more efficient, enjoyable and personalized. It is not necessary for cookies to identify the user or record personal information
to deposit information on the computer of a user and refer to the information in the same session or a subsequent session. However, the cookies of a
browser may be erased by users from their respective hard drives, blocked by users or warnings may be received by a user before the storage of a cookie. If
cookie is disabled by a user, some parts of the website may not be functional for a particular user.

Web beacons:

Web beacons are used by our website. These are also known as web bugs, pixel tags, or clear GIFs. Beacons are used along with the cookies. A web beacon
refers to a transparent graphic image measuring 1 pixel x 1 pixel placed on a site or email. The purpose is to observe the user’s behavior visiting the site or
receiving the email.
Third parties typically use web beacons to monitor the activities of a site. You can prevent web beacons from tracking your activity by turning off the browser’s cookies.

Clickstream data:

    Non-personal clickstream data are automatically recorded by the website’s web server. Even though clickstream data can make you identifiable but measures will not be taken to identify you unless law so requires or it is needed to conduct investigation on suspected improper activity with respect to website. The website’s web server automatically records the following clickstream data for statistical and system administration purposes:
  • Address of the server
  • Domain name
  • Time and date of visit to the website
  • Accessed pages and downloads
  • Record of last visited website
  • Operating system
  • Nature of web browser

Connection to external websites:

This privacy statement only covers this website and excludes any other website. If any other website is followed from this website, you should review the privacy statement of each website.

Personal information disclosure:

Your personal information may be shared within our company, government departments and any third parties. Your personal information may be shared with
our service providers who are maintaining our website, assisting us to provide products and services e.g., organisations providing auditing, professional
services, banking, mail house, delivery, recruitment, call center, technology, research, utility and security services.
Your personal information may also be disclosed to third parties who are representing you e.g., your legal representatives. Your personal information may be
disclosed to organisations or person, against whom you may lodge a complaint.

Quality and security of data:

Measures are regularly taken to ensure that the collected information that we use or disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date. As stated earlier,
information is mostly collected from the person concerned and used for the purpose of collection immediately.
A security pass entry system has been integrated in our website. The files stored in our database get protection from outside threats or attacks. There are separate places to archive older files. Data security measures have also been incorporated into our information technology arrangements. Our computers are password protected. It means that our staffs are required to enter into our system with password. Our database requires another password to enter. The access with password depends on the hierarchy of officers concerned. The integrity of the electronically stored information is protected by firewalls. The system is routinely screened for viruses. Each email used for the exchange of information is encrypted. Your personal information is protected by using different measures from misuse, loss or unauthorized use.
Confidentiality is ensured if your information is disclosed to contractors and the use of the information is restricted to the purposes of the contract. The contracts are also required to clarify about the end result of the personal information after the contract comes to an end. The compliance by the contractors
is regularly monitored. The contractors may also be required to comply with the information privacy principles.

Security risks associated with the information:

Technology, security policies, rules and measures have been implemented to protect the personal information stored in our system. However, it should be acknowledged that the transmission of information across the internet is not risk free. Even though we take each and every measure to protect information but the
security of transmission of information online cannot be ensured or warranted, and therefore, individuals transmit information online at their own risk. Reasonable steps will be taken to protect information once it comes into our possession. If you want to share any sensitive information with us, you should
contact us over telephone or mail. Your personal information will be removed from our system its necessity comes to an end.

Online payments:

Your payments will be received through this website and processed through a reputable third-party electronic payments service provider. You will also be provided with an electronic receipt for your record.

Access to personal information:

You may make request at any time to get access to your personal information stored in our database. You will be given access to the information without a fee. However, if you request is concerned with the information of other people, we may be required to go through freedom of information procedure. You may request us to make correction to your personal information if you find that the information is inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect.


You may be required in most respects to provide personal information if you intend to get our services. However, we may not ask for any detail of your
personal information that is not required to provide the requested service

Privacy complaints:

You may file a complaint in person, by telephone or in writing if you are not happy with the management of privacy of your personal information.
To file a privacy complaint please visit http://www.globalfarms.com/privacy Your privacy complaint will be investigated by our privacy coordinator.
Oral and written complaints will be acknowledged by our privacy team within 7 working days and a response will be provided within 25 working days.
In case of dissatisfaction with our response to your complaint, you are entitled to make a complaint directly to the Office of the Victorian Information
Commissioner (OVIC). Possible privacy breaches are investigated by OVIC as an independent body.

For more information about OVIC and privacy complaint investigation please visit Home - Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (ovic.vic.gov.au) or call 1300 666 444.

Contact details:
Please contact us at privacy@globalfarms.com for any privacy related enquiries.

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