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Unleash the Potential of Global Agriculture.


Become a leading force in sustainable agriculture, revolutionising how global communities easily access farmers in a digital era while strengthening the bond between them.

Global Farms is here to help environmentally conscious farming be more accessible worldwide. Our world is home to an incredible variety of products and we've created a digital platform that bridges the gap between farmers and consumers. We make it easier for people to connect with producers directly, building a closer relationship with those who appreciate farm-fresh products. Our online community promotes fair trade, benefiting both farmers and consumers internationally.
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To transform the agricultural landscape, making locally sourced goods easily accessible and strengthening the connection between growers and a worldwide community.
Global Farms uses technology to help promote sustainable practices, making positive changes to how agriculture is done on a global scale. We aim to bring products closer to consumers, sidestepping the traditional long supply chains and 'middlemen'. This is what we mean by 'bridging the gap.' With our innovative platform, there are no more barriers between farmers and the global audience. We ensure farm-fresh goods and eco-friendly practices are more discoverable, accessible and transparent, establishing an international community around agriculture.


We promise to do our part for a closer, fairer relationship between farmers and consumers.

Independent Farmers

Connect and support independent farmers internationally. In traditional retailing, farmers see less than 50% of profits, but at Global Farms, feel at ease knowing that your money went straight into the pocket of a fellow Aussie and not a big corporation.

Market Access

Our platform is your virtual farmers’ market. We promise to make the connection between farmer and consumer more attainable. Farmers can expect a larger market to become accessible to them, and consumers can expect access to agricultural products directly from the source.

High Quality

At Global Farms, there is no unnecessary middleman – we connect you directly with farmers across the world. Everything you buy is grown, made, packed and shipped by the farmer. It’s the closest you can get to growing or raring the product yourself.

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